• Homework
    *Reading is assigned daily.   Word practice is a routine that we do in class and at home is repeated to help reinforce.  I DO NOT send 'busy work' home.  When we are learning a skill we spend class time for guided practice.  I may need to send work to help reinforce a skill or study guides for content units.
    * Fluency Passages are sent home about every other week.  Please practice every night. 
    *There are cases where some students may not finish class work and this will be sent home to complete.
    *On occasion math or content(science/social studies) will be sent home
    Monday:         Reading Record Assignment
                          Word Study (Test on Friday)
    Tuesday:        Reading Record Assignment
                          Word Study
    Wednesday:    Reading Record Assignment
                           Word Study
    Thursday:        Reading Record Assignment
                           Word Study
    Friday:            Enjoy your weekend and family!