• Welcome to Mrs. Shifflett's Kindergarten Class!!   
    2020 - 2021
    This is going to be a FANTASTIC school year!  :)
    Please acknowledge Clymore's dress code as you are getting your child ready for school.  Please have your child wear tennis shoes to school every day for recess and PE!

    §  Please send the plastic folder along with the lunch envelope and notes to school every day.  This is a way for me to also send materials home and a way that I can communicate with you.  You may also contact me through email.  However, transportation notes and notes regarding your child's absence have to be in a paper form for the office to keep on file.  

    §  Pay attention to the weekly newsletters that go home with your child on Monday’s.  This explains what we are learning for the week and will also give you ideas for your child to do at home.   Ask your child what they learned in school today. 

    §  With your child: practice the Alphabet, practice writing their first and last name, and help them remember their bus number and lunch number.  Also, help your child write and identify words that we have been learning!

    §  Look for items in your everyday setting that pertains to what we are learning for the week.  Encourage him/her to discover it with you.

    §  READ WITH YOUR CHILD DAILY!  This will help your child excel in Kindergarten.

    Please feel free to contact me!
    E-mail:  shifflett.aa@augusta.k12.va.us 

    Phone:  540-245–5043

Last Modified on June 19, 2020