• What Do We Do in Speech ?

    In speech we work with children who may have difficulty in the following areas:

    1) Articulation or the production of sounds

    2) Language

    • Language is a code that we learn to use in order to communicate ideas and express our wants and needs. Reading, writing, speaking, and some gesture systems are all forms of language Some examples of language activities we are work on are:
      • combining words together (the grammar of the language) attaching meaning to words

      • holding a conversation; telling a story; and using different forms of language for different listeners, purposes, and situations.

    3)Fluency or Stuttering

    4: Voice



    How can parents help a child learn to talk?

    • Talk to the child. Read to the child. Encourage the child to talk, but don't demand speech. Make talking fun.

    How do you know that a child's language and speech are what they should be for a particular age?

    • There are expected language behaviors for different ages. For example, by 1 year of age a child should use one or two words, follow simple requests ("Come here"), and understand simple questions ("Where's your shoe?"). By 2 - 3 years of age, the child should be using two or three word sentences to talk about and ask for things and following two requests ("Get the ball and put it on the table"), Parents should also understand their child's speech most of the time.

    • Children are individuals and do develop at slower or faster rates than expected. What is most important is that the child shows continuous language growth.
Last Modified on August 9, 2017