• Special Permission Forms 
    Links to materials necessary for requesting special attendance permission from the Augusta County School Board are displayed. Please note that applications must be considered on an annual basis, since factors such as adopted criteria, available space, attendance record, student conduct, and academic achievement are considered in the request. While there are no automatics in processing applications, do know that common sense will apply when reviewing individual requests in keeping with the adopted criteria.  New applications will be accepted after April 15th. 
    Several Augusta County Schools are experiencing overcrowded conditions in certain grade levels. Such schools may be restricted in accepting new special attendance admissions. Should you have specific questions pertaining to the special attendance process, please contact either the school principal or this office.
    If an application is approved, the parent/guardian is responsible to make whatever transportation arrangements are necessary for the student(s) as ACPS does not provide transportation for student(s) approved for special attendance.