Dear Parents:
    I want to welcome each of you to the fifth grade.  We have many different activities planned for the year and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone.  We will spend much of the first week assessing where students are in different subject areas.  The fifth grade team utilizes the remind app for general reminders and announcements.  Fifth grade is a big year, in many cases students will look back and note that the transition out of elementary school was harder then the transition into sixth grade.  We work hard to make sure they are prepared for middle school by the time they leave us.  We encourage you to try this at home as well.  Enoucage your child to begin to advocate for themselves and ask questions about their assignments and grades.  We are always here to answer their questions as well as yours.  
    Students may bring a LIGHT snack with them each day.  Please do not send in candy or snacks that are loaded with sugar. 


    1.      The grading system changes in the fifth grade and goes as follows…

    A  100%-90%

    B   89%-80%

    C   79%-70%

    D   69%-60%

    F   59% and below


    2.     I will send home graded papers several times a month.  The papers will be stapled together and should come back with the top sheet signed (only the top sheet needs to be signed), in a folder provided by me.  I use this system to help increase the odds that you see your child’s work and help cut down on the amount of things you need to sign.  Everything that we do in class and for homework may not be counted as a grade.  These papers may or may not be included in the packet. However, papers that your child receives a grade which is recorded in my grade book, should be included in this pack of papers unless it was an online assignment or an observation grade completed with me during small groups or one on one.  Once I have checked to see that the packet is signed the students may do what they want with them.  I recommend to students that they do not throw away quizzes or study packets until they have taken a unit test on that chapter.


    3.      I have suggested to all students that they have a homework folder or section in their binder where completed homework should be kept.  This makes it much easier to find when it is time to get out or collect homework.  I also suggest that they use this folder for other important information that needs to reach you. 



    4.      On the school supply list, students were asked to bring in two composition notebooks.  I recommend having extras of these on hand.  Our new rotation may require more than the two on the supply list.  If this is a concern for you, please let us know.
    5.      AGENDAS:  Each student has an agenda.  I have a homework board located in my classroom that mirrors the student’s agenda.  I write all homework on my board and go over it with the class at the end of the day.  
    6.  Fifth Grade will be switching for Reading (Henderson), Math (Blacka), Science (Beck), Social Studies (Gebhart).  Students will begin to see a glimpse of what middle school will be like.  We place emphasis on being responsible for writing down their own homework, staying organized, and keeping up with their own  materials.  

    SOCIAL STUDIES and SCIENCE:  Occasional homework in Social Studies and Science is possible, however most of the work in these two subjects is completed in class.  We give out handouts and packets, which are excellent resources to use for studying for the end of the unit tests in both areas.



    HOMEWORK:  I personally do not assign much homework.  Often the only homework students have in my class is assignments they did not finish that day in class.  If you notice your child is spending significant time on homework, please contact me.  Usually this is an issue that can be identified and can likely be fixed with communication.  I understand that accidents happen, however forgotten/misplaced homework should be a rare occurrence.  Students have time in class nearly everyday to at least begin homework, if not complete it.  Please encourage your child to keep up with what they have for homework and where they put it once it is completed. 





     I have tried to touch on some of the more important information for my class.  I am looking forward to working with your child this year and hope that you will not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.


    My email address is:  thenderson@augusta.k12.va.us


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Henderson