• Mrs. Henderson's Reading Class


        Welcome to Fifth Grade Reading!  Our team will be shaking things up this year and trying some new ideas!  This year each teacher will have a one CORE content subject focus.  I am super excited that my focus is reading.  While I've taught reading for many years, I've never taken on the challenge of teaching reading to all students in my grade level.  Reading is so important.  It's the key that unlocks the door to all other subject areas. I am looking forward to continuing the journey of reading with your child this school year.
     What to Expect
        Augusta County follows the Daily Five Reading Program.  This program thrives on encouraging children to read by allowing them to have appropriate choice in the books that they read much of the time.  Students can expect to see the components of this program in my classroom this year.  In addition, we will be exploring books together as a class and in small groups.  Students will be exposed to a great deal of rich vocabulary, lots of non-fiction articles, writing and grammar content, journal writing, fluency practice, and word study practices.  
    Materials they Need
     Students will need two composition notebooks, a folder, and a one inch binder with five dividers.