~Sarah Stoll~
    BMES Music Specialist

       Every child has musical talent, whether it is in their singing, their dancing, playing instruments, their reading and writing of music, or their musical listening skills.  Each school year, my goal is to help the children learn about their own musical talent to a point where they can enjoy music throughout their lives.  I invite any parent who has a musical talent to come and share it in the classroom.  Please contact me if you are interested in doing so.

        Throughout the school year, I plan on recording our musical skills and attaching them to this website so that you can listen to your child's class, both vocally and instrumentally at home.  I will notify you when I have updated my site so that you are able to sit with your child and listen to it together.

    Each grade level will use their skills that they have learned throughout the year to perform a program for the school and for the community.  Below, you will find your child's performance date. 


    Mark Your Calendars!

    Don’t miss out on the musical talent at BMES!

    • 4th Grade: “Rock and Roll Forever" on 

      Thursday, October 13 at 7pm

    • 2nd Grade: “Nuts!” on 

      Thursday, November 10 at 7pm

    • 3rd Grade: “The Elves’ Impersonator” on 

      Wednesday, December 14 at 7pm

    • All School Sing Along on 

      Tuesday, December 20 at 9am

    • 1st Grade: “How Does Your Garden Grow?” on 

      Tuesday February 21 at 7pm

    • Kindergarten: “Bugz” on T

      hursday, March 23 at 7pm

    • Orffestra and Recorder Club Concert on 

      Thursday, April 13 at 7pm

    • BMES Chorus Crew: “Once Upon a Dream” on 

      Thursday, May 11 at 7pm

    • BMES Variety Show on 

      Tuesday, May 23 at 8:45am

    Please contact me by email: sstoll@augusta.k12.va.us or by phone (540) 885-8024 if you have any concerns or questions!

    I look forward to working with you and your child throughout the school year!

Last Modified on August 22, 2016