• School Counseling Services

    Classroom Guidance
    Students come to guidance with their homeroom class throughout the school year.  Guidance lessons focus on the standard of learning set by the State of Virginia. Throughout these lessons, students learn personal responsibility, conflict resolution,empathy, bully proofing, how to make good choices, social skills, career exploration, etc.

    Small Counseling Groups

    Group counseling is available to all students and may be requested by students, parents, or teachers.  Groups last about six weeks and focus on topics such as friendship and self-esteem, anger management,separation and divorce, grief and loss, study skills, and social skills. 

    Individual Counseling

    Short-term individual counseling is available to students at the request of parents, students, and teachers to meet the needs of all students expressing difficulties dealing with academic achievement, personal concerns, early career exploration, or normal developmental tasks.      

    *Parental permission slips are sent home prior to a student's participation in small groups and/or a series of individual counseling sessions.*

    **School Counseling is not meant to replace outside mental health therapy.**