Hello, RES Gladiators!  
    Welcome back and I hope you are ready to start a new school year like I am.  For those of you who don't know me, my name is Darrell Goad and I am the school counselor for grades Pre-K, 3rd through 5th.  I am excited to be starting the new school year working with the Riverheads students and community.  I have been a School Counselor for 7 years and have worked in Augusta County for 5 years.
     I am here to help students with social, emotional, career, and academic support.  I will be teaching Guidance classes to help prepare students with the life skills they need to be successful in the world.  I also teach coping strategies, anger management, social skills, and more.  My duty is to be an advocated for students, parents, and teachers to create a healthy school environment.  If you or your family ever need anything, please contact me by the following information below.
    You can reach me at:
    Phone: (540) 337-2535
    email me at goad.dg@augusta.k12.va.us.
    Mr. Darrell Goad