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    Dear Parents:
    Welcome to a new school year! I want to share with you some of what is coming up for Coach Stewart's  Physical Education classes and give you some reminders.

    Personal Fitness is a major emphasis due to a national problem with increasing 'screen time,' escalating obesity, health problems due to poor decision-making, and decreasing levels of physical fitness. A QUALITY PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM IS YOUR CHILD'S BEST HEALTH INSURANCE. P.E. is not glorified recess. Our P.E. program is structured, dynamic, energetic, and vigorous!

    During the school year your child will also receive instruction in health areas such as: nutrition, exercise and fitness, and body systems. It is a goal of the Physical Education program to prepare children to make healthy lifestyle choices and enjoy being physically active.

    Please check out the other pages of this site. There is important info regarding physical fitness standards and my P.E. policies on grading, dress, and illness. A monthly fitness calendar is included. There are also ideas for family fun and fitness which improve the basic components of physical fitness (Aerobic Fitness, Muscular Strength & Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition). Coach Stewart's Weekly Schedule page allows you to check which days your child will have P.E. during the week so that they can be prepared with appropriate clothing/footwear.

    Upcoming for Coach Stewart's classes: After a few sessions to learn rules, sportsmanship, and teamwork; third, fourth, and fifth grade students will take the initial physical fitness assessments to assist them with goal-setting for the remainder of the year. These assessments will focus on upper body strength, abdominal strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, trunk strength, and flexibility. Your child's pre-test assessment results from the fall will be returned to you with the first nine-weeks report cards.

    Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second grade will begin screening of Basic Gross Motor Skills(locomotor abilities, coordination, and basic ball skills).

    I anticipate a great year in Physical Education with your child! Your help and cooperation is vital to the success of our physical education program. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with me at school by phone (245-5043) or e-mail at dstewart@augusta.k12.va.us.


    David Stewart, Clymore Physical Education Specialist

Last Modified on July 30, 2019