Welcome to Mrs. Truslow's Kindergarten Class!

    We are halfway through the school year. We've had time to rest and renew and now it is time to get back to learning while having fun together. I am sure you have seen some wonderful progress from where your child started at the beginning of the year. The growth you are about to experience (over the next 18 weeks) is one of the reasons I love teaching Kindergarten so much! 

    Communication Slips
    Be on the lookout for my weekly Communication slips for details about what is happening in our classroom. 
    I'm happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have! 
    Feel free to email anytime!
    Homework will begin after a month or two after school begins. I promise it isn't going to take your entire evening. A little goes a long way.
    Is your child ready for Kindergarten?
    Here is a list of things your child can work on before coming to school.
    These skills are also great for younger children to be working on at home.
    • name writing
    • cutting on the lines, cut paper for fun
    • coloring neatly
    • count to 30 and identify numbers to 10
    • know a few letters and letter sounds
    • use correct three-finger grasp when writing/coloring
    • know all the letters in their name
    • name basic shapes and colors
    • rhyme words
    • use the restroom independently including washing hands without a reminder
    • sit for a story for 5-10 minutes
    • clean up after themselves
    • share materials and toys with others
    • listen and follow 2 step directions
    • Please send your child's clear folder to school every day.
    • Check and empty your child's folder daily.
    • Each student needs to bring his/her own snack daily.
    Units of Study
    We will spend SS/Science time learning about.... 
          School and Bus Safety
          Fire Prevention
          Living Long Ago
          Native Americans/Pilgrims
          Nursery Rhymes
          Famous Leaders
          Healthy Teeth/Heart
          Spring Animals
          Wild Animals
          Farm Animals
          Ocean Animals
          Water/Summer Safety 
    Please feel free to email me anytime at
    or call 245-5043


Last Modified on January 5, 2020