• Craigsville Elementary School


    The area of Virginia which is now Craigsville and Southwestern Augusta County was first settled by farmers in 1721.  The Central Virginia Railroad purchased a right-of-way from James Craig, in 1853, thus establishing Craigsville as a town and railroad stop.  As mining companies were established, the area grew, and in 1906 a one room wooden structure school house was built in Craigsville.


    A brick structure was built on Railroad Avenue in 1917.  This school construction was partially financed with State funds, serving as both a high school and elementary school.  Students walked to school, or for those further away, rode in a horse-drawn school bus.  Classes were held faithfully and rarely was school closed for inclement weather.


    The community received a second school in 1932 (approximately 13,100 sq. feet).  The new school was located on First Avenue.  At this point, the older school housed grades 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 and the newer school housed grades 7,8,9,10,11, and 12.  There was one cafeteria, located in the lower building and the students walked to lunch.  Later they were transported by bus.


    In 1962, Buffalo Gap High School opened consolidating the western end of Augusta County.  As the high school students went to Buffalo Gap, Craigsville High School was added onto and became the elementary school.  The former elementary school was closed. 

              In 1974, the "annex" (back wing classrooms/cafeteria) was added.  This added another 14,120 sq ft. to the building. Grades 6 and 7 moved when Beverley Manor Middle School opened in 1989.

              In 1999, the school wings were renovated and another new section consisting of gym, classrooms, main office area was added to the school.  This additional 12,770 square feet brought the building's total square footage to 39,990 which is maintained today.