• Happy Summer!
    I can't wait to meet each one of you!
    Just a quick update to my classroom list:
    I use tables instead of desks in my classroom so I do my supplies a little differently. Each child keeps crayons (24),colored pencils (12), a glue stick, scissors and 2 pencils at their table. There is a basket on each table with a plastic case for their crayons so they don't need pencil cases. We store extra supplies in an other area. If you see this list after you purchase your child's supplies, no worries.
    Things they need:
    *Backpack  *2 composition books ( one of which I'd prefer to be traditional black and white - the other one - pick something fun).
    *2 or 3 regular spiral one subject wide rule notebooks - any color 
    *box of 24 crayons  * box of 12 colored pencils * scissors  *gluesticks  *washable markers  * #2 pencils
    *tissues  *handsoap (unscented)  
    *one box of baggies (snack or quart size/girls - gallon size/boys) 
    *headphones or ear buds
    Things that we can use:
    *colored expo dry erase markers 
    *Clorox wipes
    Things on the County list that we don't really use:
    *looseleaf , *binder, *folders, *pencil case, *No mechanical pencils
    *hand sanitizer (I have lots left over)
    Later in the year I will let you know when supplies run low for things  like tissues and glue sticks. If you have any questions you can email me at aknopp@augusta.k12.va.us  See you soon!
    Welcome pic

       I am so excited to be teaching second grade again this year at
    Riverheads Elementary!
        I grew up in Pennsylvania and came to Mary Baldwin where I got my teaching certification and a BA in Sociology/ Social Work. My first year of teaching was right here at Riverheads.  I met my husband in Virginia and as they say - the rest is history. I formerly taught at Stuarts Draft and Grace Christian School.  I took some time away from the classroom to homeschool my daughter, Hannah.  At that time I ran a horseback riding program and taught lots of lessons.  Horses have always been a big part of my life. When I returned to classroom teaching, I taught at Ladd Elementary until it closed. Now I am  back at Riverheads and I love it!
         I live in Augusta County on our farm with my husband, Timothy. My son, Jonathan, and daughter, Hannah, live nearby.  We lease the riding program now, so we still get to enjoy the horses from a distance.
        I'm looking forward to getting to know each of you.We'll have a great year together!

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