• Welcome to Speech therapy! 
    This is my  second  year  at Cassell Elementary. I  am starting my twentieth   year with Augusta County Schools.  I am very happy to be here. 
         It is hard to believe   that I have been a speech therapist for 38 years!  I  graduated from the University  of Virginia in 1979, and then completed my Master's degree at the University of Tennessee.  My daughter is a  nurse in Richmond, so I have an "empty nest" except for a very friendly but rather demanding Norwegian Elkhound  and  a  cat.
    . Please  call me  if  you  have  any  concerns  about your  child's  speech and  language  development. I can  screen  children  enrolled  at Cassell at parent  request.  If  you have  a  preschool child  that  you  are  concerned  about,  the  school offers  interdisciplinary developmental preschool screenings  several times  during  the  year.