• Buffalo Gap High School 

    2019-2020 Gifted and Talented Program

    Philosophy - Augusta County Public Schools believes that gifted students possess outstanding talents and abilities that require curriculum and instruction to meet their educational needs. We are committed to meeting these needs through acceleration and enrichment by differentiating for these students.

    School Coordinator: Amanda Seldomridge

    School Committee: Ian Marshall, Sara Urry, Jacqueline Patteson, Delaney Corker, Kajsa Averill, Rob Maxwell, and Beth Metcalfe

    County Supervisor: Angela Deitz

    Gifted Education Resources:

    -ACPS Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted 2017-2022 

    -Gifted Education: A Parent's Guide (Updated 9/19)

    News:  Thanks to all of the students & parents who completed our back to school surveys.  Your input is appreciated!

    2019-20 School Events: SPRING SEMESTER

    Friday, January 17th - 3D Pen Workshop during Bison Return

    Monday, February 10th - Sweet Chariot Performance at the Wayne Theatre at 9:30 AM in Waynesboro

    Thursday, February 20th - Peg Sheridan Watercolor Workshop during 4th block

    March & April - Dates TBD - Rocket Workshop with Mr. Hemminger and AR/VR Workshops with Mrs. Seldomridge and Mr. Strickler

    2019-20 School Events: FALL SEMESTER

    Friday, October 4th - Sentara Radiology Team Presentation during Bison Return.  Pre-register with Mrs. Metcalfe.

    Friday, October 18th - JMU Field Trip to the planetarium.  Students will also tour the campus and eat lunch in a dining hall.  $6.00 fee to cover lunch cost.  

    Friday, October 25th - Shenandoah Valley Electric Company Presentation during Bison Return.  Pre-register with Mrs. Metcalfe or Mrs. Trumbo.

    Friday, November 8th - Project Grow Presentation during Bison Return.  Pre-register with Mrs. Metcalfe or Mrs. Trumbo.

    Thursday, November 14th - Julius Caesar at the American Shakespeare Center.   Pre-register with Mrs. Seldomridge or Mrs. Collins by Monday, October 21st.

    Friday, November 15th - Enameling Workshop during Bison Return.  Pre-register with Ms. Corker.

    Friday, November 22nd - Augusta Correctional Center Presentation during Bison Return.  Pre-register with Mrs. Metcalfe.


    2020 Summer Residential Governor's School and Governor's World Language Academies Information (Current Sophomores & Juniors)

    This announcement is for current sophomores and juniors identified as Gifted in Math, Science, Language Arts, Visual or Performing Arts or any student fluent in a World Language.

    Summer Residential Governor’s Schools provide gifted high school students with intensive educational experiences in visual and performing arts; humanities; mathematics, science, and technology; or through mentorships in marine science, medicine and health sciences, or engineering.


    Each Summer Residential Governor’s School focuses on one special area of interest. Students live on a college or university campus for up to four weeks each summer. During this time, students are involved in classroom and laboratory work, field studies, research, individual and group projects and performances, and seminars with noted scholars, visiting artists, and other professionals. In the three mentorships, students are selected to work side-by-side with research scientists, physicians, and a variety of other professionals. A director and a student-life staff provide supervision of students 24 hours a day, throughout the program.


    Are you a student who excels in foreign language and have completed at least the third year of a language? Are proficient in using the language and are you able to use only the language for all interactions and could do so for an entire month? Then perhaps one of the World Language Academies is for you.

    Students interested in the 2020 Governor's Summer Residential Programs or World Language Academies need to complete the online interest application located on the Augusta County Public Schools main Webpage by November 5, 2019.

    2020 Summer Residential Governor's School Information


    Community Events:

    -BLAST - Summer STEM Program at ODU, UVA, and VT for 8th and 9th graders:http://vsgc.odu.edu/blast/ 

     -UVA Summer Enrichment Program: http://curry.virginia.edu/sep

     -Expanding Your Horizons (Math & Science Conference for Girls) at JMU: http://www.jmu.edu/mathstat/eyh/

    -UVA Society for Women Engineers High School Visitation Program: https://www.virginiaswe.org/hsv

    Fall date: Saturday, November 16th / Applications will open September 9th.

    -Summer High School Residential Flight Academy: http://vsgc-net.odu.edu/pathways-flight-academies/

    -National Youth Science Camp: https://nysf.smapply.io/ 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is "gifted and talented" (G&T)?

    Gifted and talented is used to describe students who “perform or show the potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment” (US Department of Education, 1993).  Their talents may be academic, artistic, athletic, or social.  While BGHS recognizes that all students exhibit talents, the Augusta County School District determines how students are identified as gifted.  These gifted students are eligible for differentiated instruction such as an accelerated curriculum or extracurricular enrichment experiences.


    2. What does Virginia require public schools to provide to gifted students?

    Each district must have a Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted.  This plan describes the areas of giftedness the school division will serve, an operational definition of giftedness, procedures used to identify gifted students, plans for professional development of teachers and curriculum, and involvement of parents and community.

    3. How is my student identified as gifted at BGHS?

    Students are identified through a screening process or by referral.  At BGHS, most gifted students were identified through a screening process in elementary or middle school.  For students who are new to the school district or who have not been identified as gifted previously, a referral is necessary.  For details on the referral process, contact Mrs. Seldomridge.

    4. In what specific areas does BGHS identify gifted students?

    Augusta County recognizes two areas of giftedness, general intellectual aptitude and visual and/or performing arts aptitude.  General intellectual aptitude includes language arts, mathematics, and science.  In the arts, a student is identified as gifted in instrumental music, vocal music, theatre, and/or visual arts. Students may be identified for their aptitude in more than one area or discipline.

    5. How many BGHS studenst are identified as gifted?

    There are 78 students at BGHS who are identified as gifted, representing approximately 16% of the school population.

    6. What are gifted students required to do?

    There are no requirements for gifted students at BGHS.  Instead, students should view their identification as an opportunity to take advantage of resources made available through G&T programs at the school and in the school district.  Depending upon the specific area of giftedness, these G&T programs may include advanced coursework and/or extracurricular activities.

    7. How can I support G&T programs at BGHS?

    We will gladly accept donations of time and money.  Please contact Mrs. Seldomridge for more information.