I would like to take this time to welcome everyone to the Riverheads Physical Education website. 
    As a student in Physical Education at Riverheads Elementary, each student will learn:
    1.  The importance of an active lifestyle to promote personal health and fitness.
    2.  The importance of eating more healthful and fueling their body, through better food choices, to promote a more
         energized, healthy, and efficient body.
                            Learning to choose and consume foods that are more healthful choices will not only improve their
                            physical appearance and energy level,  but also their self esteem, cognitive learning, and overall outlook
                            on their ability to be successful at whatever they wish to do. 
    3.  How to better work cooperatively with everyone, despite differences, through cooperative games and team building activities.
                               The most successful people in life and in sports learn to set aside individual differences to build a cooperative 
                               and energetic work ethic that promotes both the success of a group and the success of each individual in the
    I look forward to working with each and every child I have at Riverheads Elementary School.  Physical Education is meant to be a fun filled time for each student while they learn and grow through the years of elementary school.  I believe that these three goals can be reached at all levels of elementary school and builds a solid foundation that each student can take with them to middle school, high school and in everyday life.   
Last Modified on October 24, 2014