• Assistant Superintendent for Administration
    Nature of the Position
    To execute policies and assist the superintendent in the task of providing leadership in developing, achieving, and maintaining the best possible support programs and services.
    • Supervise those areas outlined in the Augusta County Organizational Chart.
    • Oversee the special permission process.
    • Revise annually the Augusta County School's Administrative Manual.
    • Maintain a database on student enrollment.
    • Chair the Discipline Committee.
    • Assist in developing boundary lines and school attendance areas.
    • Work with principals in operation of schools.
    • Assist in resolving public grievances.
    • Assist with division-wide planning, implementation and evaluation of Standards of Quality (including the Six-Year Plan and School's Annual Plans).
    • Complete required division reports and handle special assignments.
    • Act as a member of building committee.
    • Oversee approval of Distribution of Materials.
    • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
    Dr. Douglas W. Shifflett, Jr.
    Phone: 540.245.5108
    Fax: 540.245.5115