• Air Conditioning & Refrigeration I

    (Basic Refrigeration)


    Entry-Level Curriculum


    The basic entry-level curriculum will include all the basic HVAC/R knowledge.  It will be the starting point and foundation for all students advancing to specific curriculum levels.  The basic objectives to be included but not limited too are as follows.

    1.      Safety will be taught prior to live work being performed.  Safety will be an integral part of the training program.  All students and visitors will comply with all safety rules and practices.

    2.      Introduction and history of HVAC/R.  (2 hours)

    3.      Heat transfer and thermodynamics. (4 hours)

    4.      Pressure and temperature theory.  (4 hours)

    5.      Basic refrigeration cycle and components including residential style refrigeration. (12 hours)

    6.      Basic electricity – Ohms Law, Electrical components, using meters, reading electrical schematics, and motor theory.  (8 hours)

    7.      Refrigeration types, Recovery/Recycling/Reclaiming.  EPA Clean Air Act Section 608.  (6 hours)

Last Modified on November 6, 2007