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    Welcome to Augusta County School's Business & Finance Department's Web Page
    Organizational Structure:


    The Business and Finance Department reports to the Superintendent.


    Responsibilities / Level of Activity

    The Finance Department is an integral part of the administrative team that includes the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Directors, and Instructional Supervisors.  Although the department does not make decisions on curriculum issues, we work hand in hand with the educational leaders to insure that they have the necessary resources - materials, textbooks, technology, equipment, facilities, and transportation - to provide a quality educational program for every student in the school division.  If we are performing our duties, then teachers and principals can focus on student learning.  We administer and manage the business side of operating a school district.   - including such functions as accounting, accounts payable, payroll and benefits, budgeting, procurement, assisting with facility planning and financing, and providing nutritious meal offerings through our school nutrition program.


    The Finance Department will process more than $113 million in financially related activities for fiscal year 2018-2019.  These activities include the preparation and/or administration of budgets for School Board Operations, Capital Improvements, the School Nutrition Program, Shenandoah Valley Head Start Consortium, and the Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School.  Departmental functions include processing accounts payable, accounts receivable, grant reimbursements, petty cash, payrolls, procurement functions, time clock administration, the administering of employee leave and benefit programs, the development and administration of the division’s budgets and assist in facility planning.  In addition, payrolls and fringe benefit administration services are provided for the Shenandoah Valley Regional Program and fringe benefit administration services are provided for Valley Career & Technical Center. 


    The Finance Department performs fiscal management for the following grant programs:

    • Title I – Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged
    • Title II – Part A:  Teacher and Principal Training and Recruitment
    • Title II – Part D:  Enhancing Education Through Technology
    • Title III – Part A:  Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students
    • Title IV – Part A:  Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities Act
    • Title V – Part A:  Innovative Programs (Library)
    • Title VI – Part B:  Special Education Flow-Through Grant
    • Title VI – Part B:  Special Education Pre-School Flow-Through Grant
    • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus funds)
    • Infant and Toddler Connection of the Valley
    • Shenandoah Valley Head Start Consortium
    • Miscellaneous Grants


    Executive Director (Mark E. Lotts)

    The Executive Finance Director formulates the development of the annual budget under the direction of the Superintendent.  The Director oversees the operation of the budget and the financial affairs of the school system including the handling of funds, payroll, accounting, and reporting procedures.  In addition, the Director maintains an inventory of appropriate division property.  The Director develops monthly and annual financial reports as required by state and federal agencies having jurisdiction over public school funds.  The Director arranges for the internal auditing of school accounts and provides direction and support for the schools’ bookkeepers. Please click here to visit Mark Lotts' homepage


    Finance Supervisor, Benefits (Anne Hubbard)

    The Finance Supervisor for benefits establishes procedures and information systems necessary to administer payroll and benefits for all school employees.  Benefits available for employees include health insurance, dental insurance, group term life insurance, optional term life insurance, retirement through the Virginia Retirement System, cafeteria benefit plan, tax-shelter annuities, implementation of the Family Medical Leave Act, administration of the sick leave bank, and management of annual and sick leave.


    Finance Supervisor, Purchasing (Anne Hubbard)

    The Finance Supervisor for purchasing is a certified Virginia Contract Officer.  The manager keeps abreast on current laws governing the Virginia Public Procurement Act.  The manager obtains technical information and establishes specifications for the procurement of goods and services for the preparation and issuance of invitations for bids, requests for proposals, and informal quotations to qualified vendors.  In addition, the manager compares and evaluates all aspects of data received on bids, proposals, and quotes in order to make recommendations for School Board action in awarding contracts.


    Auditing & Budgeting Accountant (Melissa Meyerhoeffer)

    The Accountant prepares financial reimbursement requests and reports that are forwarded to the State, Federal, or local governing authorities, including the Annual School Report.  The accountant generates monthly and yearly financial statements for the reconciling of bank accounts and for use by department supervisors in the administration of their respective budgets.  The accountant provides the Director supporting budgetary information.  The accountant manages Medicaid billing and financial reports, including the quarterly administrative billing and the yearly cost report.  The accountant also provides support for the Head Start Program, maintains Accounts Receivable, and processes IRS form 1099s.  


    Payroll Accountant (Mary Beth Rolfe, Ashley Duke)

    Payroll processes approximately 2,500 time card entries per month and 1,700 contracted employees per month.  The accountant prepares payrolls and related local, State, and Federal records and reports including submission of taxes.  In addition, the accountant oversees the distribution of paychecks throughout the school division, maintains employee files with current tax forms, salary schedules and/or contracts, letters of agreement, etc.  The payroll accountant manages vacation, sick, and personal leave for exempt employees.

    Grants Accountant (Tonia Broome)

    The Grants Accountant prepares financial reimbursement requests and reports that are submitted to the State for Federal Programs. The Accountant provides assistance to teachers, supervisors and bookkeepers regarding school allocations,  and instructional purchasing. The Accountant issues purchase orders for Technology, Instruction and Pupil Services Departments. The Grants Accountant validates invoices for accuracy.  

    Accounts Payable Accountant (Renee Moomau)

    The Accounts Payable Accountant prepares pre-audit receiving reports, invoices, and issues purchase orders.  The AP accountant validates invoices for accuracy and issues payments for claims (invoices) twice a month. 


    Time Clock / Benefits Accountant (Mary Beth Rolfe, Ashley Duke)

    The Time Clock/Benefits Accountant administers the Time Clock Plus program ensuring non-exempt employees' time is being recorded properly relative to their standard work schedule as well as the administration of their vacation, personal, and sick time.  The accountant assists in administering all aspects of the school board benefit policies.



    Departmental Staff Directory:


    Director of Business & Finance - Mark E. Lotts  (540-245-5129)

    Auditing & Budgeting Accountant - Melissa Meyerhoeffer (540-245-5125)

    Finance Supervisor - Anne Hubbard (540-245-5126)

    Payroll Accountant - Mary Beth Rolfe (540-245-5128)

    Payroll Accountant - Ashley Duke (540-245-5273)

    Grants Accountant - Tonia Broome (540-245-5116)

    School Nutrition Program Supervisor - Ron Abernathy (540-245-5127)

    School Nutrition Program Accountant - Cathy Johnson (540-245-5159)

    Last Update 1/18/2019
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