Felony Stops

    Valley Vocational Technical Center’s Criminal Justice Program will provide students with hands-on experience in police work, crime scene processing and introduce a systematic study of the theory and technology related to criminology. This program explores the courts and the students experience what it's like to testify and present court cases to a courtroom work group.  This career field is exciting due the fact, you never what will happen in a days time. Semester one focuses on law and police procedures. Semester two delves into crime scene investigation and processing with and emhasis on evidence handling. Completion of the program can earn a student six (6) dual enrollment credits toward the Administration of Justice program at Blue Ridge Community College.   A degree is required in most areas of law enforcement and public service for careers as:  Police officers, State troopers, Game wardens, Magistrates, ABC agents, FBI, U.S. Marshals, Security positions, Attorneys, Social workers, Child Protective Services and other Court officials. So if you are looking for an exciting, rewarding and challenging career come check out Criminal Justice at Valley Tech!

    Right now is the time where you can come in and see what this class is all about. You can "shadow" for the whole class or just part of it. I encourage all new Criminal Justice Participates to do this, in order to see what this class is all about!