• Welcome to the Emergency Medical Technician Program at Valley Career and Technical Center. The EMT course is a one year program where area high school students will learn how to handle many types of life or death emergencies as an EMT. The course covers many different topics including CPR, personal safety, human anatomy and physiology, medical and trauma assessment, as well as a multitude of skills needed in the field of pre-hospital emergency medical care.
    Students who successfully pass the course will be eligible to take the State of Virginia EMT certification exam.  Students may also be eligible to receive their National Registry of EMTs certification which will allow them to practice as an EMT almost anywhere in the United States.
    Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field or as emergency services provider, this class is for you. EMT certification is a fantastic stepping stone and important resume builder for those seeking to go into nursing or medical school and is a prerequisite for those wanting to be paramedics. The VCTC EMT Program can provide a pathway to volunteer and even employment through our connections with local rescue squads and our local hospitals by providing our students with a solid foundational knowledge base and the tools necessary to perform the necessary life saving skills.
    Jospeh Whalen NREMT, EC
    Program Coordinator