Taylor Patterson and Kayla Robertson


  • Welcome to the VCTC Practical Nursing Program application center. We are glad you are here :)


    The first step is to sign up at VCTC to take the entrance exam.  You will need to come to the center and sign up on your prefered date.  There is a $60.00 non refundable fee due at the time you sign up to secure your spot.  This fee must be paid in cash. 

    Testing begins at 9:15am

    The following dates are available:

    • Nov. 19
    • Dec. 17
    • Jan. 22
    • Feb. 19
    • March 19


    In the left hand column of this page, there are 3 folders  to choose from depending on what stage of the application process you are currently in.  All required forms are now availible online, organized into these folders to help facilitate and simplify the application process.  


    1. Before Admission Testing
    2. After Testing- Application Materials
    3. Once Admitted- Required Forms