Nurse Aide
    This program is a one-year course of high school juniors or seniors designed to prepare both men and women to render health services according to the policies of the employing health agency. Instruction introduces the work and general responsibilities of nursing aides, psychiatric aides, ward secretaries, and members of the food service and housekeeping departments. The only prerequisite is a genuine concern for people. The first semester centers on classroom and laboratory study, while the second semester primarily involves clinical experiences.

    Licensed Practical Nursing

    The Licensed Practical Nursing Program is eighteen months in length--nine months (pre-clinical) study at the Technical Center and nine months training at the Augusta Hospital Corporation. The course is available to post graduates. The graduates of Practical Nursing should be competent to meet the state requirements for licensure, to function as members of the health team, to understand the importance of continuing education, and to be mature and well-rounded individuals.