• Here are some events that shaped the Vocational Technical School that we have now and for the future of Vocational education. Each year on the Timeline, signifies a moment in our History here at Valley Vocational Technical Center.

    1945: The end of World War II brought increased demands for vocational training and vocational rehabilitation as veterans (some disabled) returned to the United States.

    1947: In the fall of 1947, the Woodrow Wilson Technical School was opened by the Augusta County School Board to meet some of the training needs of returning veterans. Classes in business, cosmetology, and watch repair were offered.

    In the same year, Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center opened nearby to meet the needs of disabled veterans. At this time, their primary emphasis was not on vocational training but on rehabilitation of veterans. Thus, there existed a cooperative relationship between the Technical School and the Rehabilitation Center.

    1950: During this time, the enrollment of the Technical School grew to over 800 students.

    1958: The State Department of Rehabilitation became a separate and independent state agency from the State Department of Education. With this change, it became necessary for the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center to establish its own vocational training programs.

    With the transfer of the rehabilitation students to their new facilities, the Woodrow Wilson Technical School did not disappear. Instead, it became a technical education-training center for post high school students. Also, it was at this time that a few high school students from the then new Wilson Memorial High School started to attend the Technical School.

    1958: Throughout this period, the Woodrow Wilson Technical School operated successfully as the post high school technical training center for this region.

    1963: By this time, there were three educational institutions existing within one mile of each other which all had similar names. These were the Woodrow Wilson Technical School, the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center, and Wilson Memorial High School. To eliminate some confusion, in 1963 the Augusta County School Board changed the name of the Woodrow Wilson Technical School to Valley Vocational-Technical School.

    1964: The Virginia State Legislature established the Community College System, and existing post high school programs in technical education were transferred to community college programs. Valley Vocational-Technical School served as the South Campus of BRCC from 1964-1967. During this time, many programs were phased out and became available at the Weyers Cave site of BRCC.

    In this same year, the Augusta County, Staunton, and Waynesboro School Boards agreed that an effort should be made toward developing Valley Vocational-Technical School into an area vocational-technical center to serve the high school youths from each system. In the fall of 1964, students from each of the high schools began to enroll, but the school was still under the direction of the Augusta County School Board.

    1966: A joint committee was established which initiated a discussion on the possibility of establishing a permanent and jointly cooperative organization between the three political subdivisions which would take over the operation of Valley Vocational Technical School. The committee also agreed that such an organization should jointly plan for a new facility to replace the various buildings, which had been occupied since 1947.

    1969: The three school boards and the governing bodies of the three political subdivisions formally adopted the constitution and by-laws of the new Valley Vocational-Technical Education Center Association and the local school boards appointed their trustees to the new organization.

    1970: The name Valley Vocational-Technical School was dropped for the name Valley Vocational-Technical Education Center Association.  The architect completed the plans for the present facility in November of 1970.

    1971: March 19, Bids were opened for the facility.

    April 19: The contract was signed with J. B. Wine & Sons of Verona for $1,812,710.

    1973: Present facility completed in the summer of 1973.

    August 27: Classes started in the new facility for some 650 high school students in 18 different programs.

    1979: The Employment Training Program was added as an annex to VVTC.

    1992: Employment Training Program opened a new 50,000 square-foot building at a cost of 1,803,216. DuPont Company shared part of this cost and used space for maintenance mechanical training program.

    Valley Evening High School Program started.

    1993: Central Shenandoah Valley Governor's School established at VVTC.

    1994: September: Augusta Regional Free Clinic established and housed at VVTC.

    1995: Architectural study recommended one-half million dollars worth of improvements to Valley Tech facility.

    2005: VVTC continues to be Virginia’s Premiere Technical Center