• Clubs at WMS exist as co-curricular organizations.  Our clubs are subject to and meet Augusta County School Board policy 7.600 that can be found on the school division's main pages.  Part of that policy describes the club's function is "to enhance the participants’ educational experience and supplement the course materials, studies, or discussion within the educational program of the schools.  The activities of these organizations should bear a direct relationship to the regular curriculum and be an extension, enhancement or reinforcement of the curriculum or classroom program or activities in a meaningful way." 
    Current co-curricular clubs in place at WMS include:
    Curricular Area
    Business Mrs. Surratt
    Family and Consumer Sciences
    TSA Tech Intro, Tech Inventions, Tech Systems Mr. Conyers
    Art Club Art Mrs. Miller
    Each of these clubs have time and in some cases financial commitments expected by the student and parents.  Students may become involved in clubs at any grade.  We do recommend students choose membership carefully and limit membership to one or two clubs, while limiting club leadership to one group.  We recommend this to prevent our students from becoming "stretched too thin" while offering them a rich experience in a organization that they have interest and talent. 
    Students regularly receive information about the clubs and their expectations of their membership. Students involved in clubs must manage a responsible approach and meet deadlines.  The clubs do require some work and time so we discourage becoming involved unless the child and the parent is willing and able to support the needs of each organization.
    Contact the club sponsors individually if you have specific questions regarding the WMS Clubs. (Click their name for an email link.)
Last Modified on August 5, 2020