• Mrs. Bryan's Distance Learning Science Classroom 

     Mrs. Bryan Contact Mrs. Bryan at jbryan@augusta.k12.va.us

    * Note:  Science Class is only on Tue and Thu, so just work on it those days.

     Objective:  To review the Energy & Environment unit we were doing.

    Things to do: 

    1. Class Check-In Google Form   

    2. Week of April 6 video

    3. Activities: Choose what you want to do! Complete the paper/pencil version or the online version or both ...it's up to you! 

    • Remember this: Sources of Energy-WS 9 It might be helpful to you!
    • Complete WS 7-8:  
      • Paper/Pencil WS 7-8 paper/pencil version  - You should have this is your notebook.  If not, print it off, complete it, snap a picture, and email it to me, if you want to share it.
      • Online Computer Fun with WS 7-8. To complete this activity you need to have the app Paint 3D on your computer. Here are the directions.
    • Continue your energy slide presentation on the types of energy we have already covered
      • Online - in your Google Classroom 
        • Fossil fuels
        • Solar Energy
        • Wind Energy
        • Hydroelectric Power
        • Tidal Power
      • If you are done with these start working on the other energy types.  They are listed on WS 9.
      • Paper/Pencil  Energy Squares

    If you need to check out a Chromebook from the school or you need a paper/pencil packet printed for this unit,  please email me and let me know! jbryan@augusta.k12.va.us.

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