• 7th Grade  U.S. History
    (1865 to Present Day)
    Mr. Persinger
    Rm. #B225
    "Don't tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results."
    General George Patton
    School Phone: (540) 245-5185
     2020-21 Schedule *Note- Not complete and Tentative
    A: Tuesday/ Thursday
    B: Wednesday/ Friday
    9:15-9:30 SWARM Time 
    9:33-9:58 Return 1 A/B                                                    
    10:00- 10:25 Return 2 A/B
    10:27 - 11:27 Block 1 U.S. History Core  
    11:30- 12:10 Lunch/ Recess
    12:15- 1:15 Block 2 PE/ Exploratory
    1:17-2:17 Block 3 U.S. History Core
    Social Studies Textbook Holt McDougal- United States History Civil War to Present Websites:
    Virginia Military Institute 1982
    (B.A.) Bachelor of Arts - History
    Commonwealth of Virginia, Collegiate Professional License
    Students with Learning Disabilities K-12
    Students with Emotional Disturbances K-12

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