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     WMS COVID-19 PE Activity Suggestions

    Welcome to the Wilson Middle School Heath and Physical Education department!   We are very excited to meet and work with your students this year. This year we will be trying some new lessons and activities. Our goal as a program is to teach and refine your students skills so that they may be able to participate in a lifelong fitness activity and live a healthier lifestyle. Throughout the year our students will be working on numerous skill sets in basketball, soccer, football, baseball/softball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, golf, lacrosse, hockey, and recreational sports. We will also be teaching health lesson during the year and family life in the winter.   

    Some basic protocols and information:

    Your student is responsible for changing into PE clothes everyday. They can purchase a uniform from us for $15 or they can bring their own clothes from home as long as they meet the standard that is put on the parent letter. If the student does not change they will lose 3 points a day. The students are provided a lock and locker that they are allowed to keep their gym clothes and tennis shoes in throughout the year.

    If your student misses class they are required to come and find their teacher the very next day they return to class to find out what was missed and what they need to make up. These make up assignments can range from a worksheet, written assignment, to skills practice before school. 

    You student will be graded in the following three categories:

    60% Participation

    20% Fitness testing and Skills Assessments

    20% Health and Family Life

    For any other questions or concerns please feel free to email us:

    Ms. Claytor: kclaytor@augusta.k12.va.us

    Mrs. Thompson: thompson.lc@augusta.k12.va.us 

    Mr. Clifton: aclifton@augusta.k12.va.us

    Ms. Keogh: ikeogh@augusta.k12.va.us





Last Modified on April 6, 2020