• Updated May 4, 2020

    Just a few reminders:  

    • May 4th-8th- Teacher Appreciation Week
    • Sunday, May 10th is Mother's Day 
    • Food pick-ups Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-11.  
    • Website/ Seesaw updated periodically throughout the week. 
    • Message me with any concerns or questions through email Ahickman@augusta.k12.va.us or Remind.  

    Updated April 20, 2020

    Just a few reminders:  

    • Wednesday, April 22 is Earth Day.
    • Pick up for classroom supplies is Thursday, April 23 from 8-11.  
    • Food pick-ups Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-11.  
    • Website updated (will be periodically updated throughout the week). 
    • Message me with any concerns or questions through email Ahickman@augusta.k12.va.us or Remind. 

    Updated April 12, 2020

    Hello! I hope this website finds each of you healthy, safe, and happy! Here you will find links for extending your child's learning opportunities for new material for the remainder of this school year. Suggested learning time each day should be approximately 30 minutes to an hour. I hope that the changes I've made will help improve your child's learning experience. Below are some optional activities you can do to extend your child’s learning this week. If the activity takes longer than my suggested time frame, just walk away! These activities are intended to help and encourage your child, not stress them out. Pick and choose as they work best for your family. Please also remember to check out our school website specialist pages for additional resources.

    If you have suggestions or questions, please contact me through email or REMIND.


    Update April 8, 2020

    Please be sure that your child logs in to their Google account to ensure easiest access to all online resources.  

    Accessing Student Google Accounts


    Mrs. Hickman's  2nd Grade "Team"

                                                                                      Updated 4/6/2020          

    Hello Families,

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 weeks since we’ve been together.  Thank you for all the updates, pictures, and responses to my messages. These have helped lessen the sadness of missing my students.  Based on the conversations with many of you, it seems that these connections have helped make this transition a bit easier for everyone.  I know during this time that we all are a bit unsure about the circumstances we’re in right now, however, I hope that our connections and the resources I’m sharing, will provide you a sense of relief and access to the learning your child needs during this time period.  It is not the intent for you to “homeschool” your child, but for me as your child’s teacher to provide learning opportunities for them to continue learning for the remainder of the last nine weeks. These resources will provide you a sense of direction, easy access learning opportunities,  and allow your child to continue the continuity of their learning and reviewing old content for the remainder of the year.  

    Welcome to our online learning!!!  Many of the resources are online, but if you are in need of further activities please reach out to me through email.  These materials are there to provide continuity of learning with our students and families. Most of the online activities are self-guided (by your child).  Your child may initially need help setting up the program or navigating through it.  Once they’ve done this several times, many of the activities can be done independently by them.   I’ll put these activities in the form of a list so that they can just cross things out as they finish!  Please note that although these resources will not be graded, they are a great way to keep your children engaged and learning at home. Please reach out to me as you interact with these resources with any questions or concerns. 

    These weekly lists of activities will help your child to continue to learn and succeed in Second Grade. Much of it will be a review, but there will be some “new” lessons based on our pacing guides.  By mid March, we have addressed the comprehension skills in our pacing guides and are now reviewing previously learned skills in our own personal reading. The most important thing in reading is to have your child read daily, listen to reading, and interact with it.  I would encourage them to read both fiction and nonfiction and discuss what they’ve read with your family.  

    In math, we were about halfway through our money unit, and were unfortunately not able to start units on Geometry and Fractions.  I will be updating the webpage weekly and will continue to reach out with lessons for geometry and fractions as those units would be taught in sequence.  Feel free to reach out to me at any time for additional resources as needed.  

    I’ll also include some writing and grammar skills just to keep those fresh. Please remember that second graders are still developing writing skills. If their sentences don’t seem to form complete thoughts, or if they can’t decide where to include a period and it’s one long run-on, this is normal!! The best thing they can do to improve their writing is to listen to some good literature read out loud by a fluent reader. This could be an older sibling, an adult, RAZ, Epic, TumbleBooks, or one of the many online options.  Please refer to the login cards I sent through REMIND last week and these will also be sent home in their classroom material bags.  If at any time you have a hard time getting your child logged in, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance through REMIND and/or email:  ahickman@augusta.k12.va.us . Any and all of the sites or resources I utilize will be posted on the Clymore webpage or on my teacher page on that site.

    I will be reaching out through Remind with new logins for Seesaw and any other links useful in communicating with students.  Please know that this is a new adventure for me too. If at any point, you feel confused or need further clarification, I am only a text or email away.  I will be reaching out weekly in some form of communication and will be checking my current email and texts daily. If you would like me to call you, let me know through REMIND to set up a time.  

    As I’m reminded daily, we can view this as a “marathon” instead of a “race”.  We’ll work through learning together, one step at a time. I hope this message finds each of you healthy,  safe, and happy! I miss each of my students and look forward to hearing all about their learning experiences in and out of the “classroom”.  Have a blessed day!



    Mrs. Hickman :)