• Mr. Anderson
    Welcome back for another exciting year at Wilson High!  I am excited to work with students and parents this year, and expect that we will all grow as we work together.  This year I will be using Google Classroom to keep students updated on classwork.  Updates about what is covered in class, materials for students to use, and links to useful practice will be posted on the site.  If you are absent from class, this will be the place for you to check to find information.
    If you have any questions for me throughout the semester, please, let me know, so we can fidgure out how to help you learn best.
    My email is anderson.ts@augusta.k12.va.us

    Fall 2017 Schedule:

    1st Block - English 10 Composition (Success Academy)

    2nd Block - English 10

    4th Block - English 11A


    Spring 2018 Schedule:

    1st Block - English 10 COmposition (Success Academy)

    2nd Block - English 10A

    3rd Block - English 10