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    Mrs. Williams
    My Schedule Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
     First Semester
     Second Semester
     English 9A
     English 9
     English 9A
     English 9A
     English 9
     English 9
    Contact Information
    Phone: (540)-337-6021
    First Semester I am available by phone before school (7:50-8:15), during Third Block First Semester (11:35-1:00), and after school (3:11-3:30).
    Second Semester, I will be available by phone during Fourth Block (1:40-3:11) and the same hours as First Semester before and after school. 
    If you have concerns and/or questions about your student and his/her progress throughout the semester, please feel free to email me at any time, and I will respond as soon as possible. Email is the best way to get an immediate response.
    Explanation of Tabs on this Page:
    Each class has two designated tabs. One is for general information about the class (SOL's and Syllabus). The other tab is for what we did that day for students who miss. In order to see what we did or to review general class information, please find your class or your student's class, and click on the tab.
    Explanation of Calendar:-
    I color code my class and the calendar is color coded as well. English 10 B will be red; English 9 will be green; and English 10 will be in blue. I will post dates for tests and quizzes ONLY! If a test or quiz is posted in Pink, the ALL of my classes have a test on that particular topic/subject that day. For example, on Friday, August 31, all three of my classes have a Vocabulary Unit 2 test.
    B.A. in English, Mary Baldwin College
Last Modified on May 21, 2019