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    The faculty of Stuarts Draft Elementary is committed to developing a school environment that is both preventative and instructional when it comes to dealing with disruptive behavior.  To this end, the faculty has designed a school-wide discipline plan (ESD) to increase the instructional capacity of students.  The plan focuses on a proactive approach to solving problem behaviors.  The students will be taught appropriate school behavior and the faculty and staff will reinforce those desired behaviors. 


    All students will betaught to be Respectful, Responsible Scholars: The three main rules at SDES are to be respectful, be responsible, and be a scholar.  The children will be taught how these three rules look and sound in all school settings, i.e., in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, playground, bathroom, and bus.  Teachers will spend much time teaching and modeling the appropriate behaviors the first few weeks of school.  The faculty and staff will reinforce these appropriate behaviors by giving Cougar Cash to students who will be able to redeem them for specific privileges. This proactive approach has documented benefits: less student frustration, fewer suspensions, less violent behavior, less disruptive classroom behavior, less vandalism, improved morale among students and staff,improved attendance and achievement, development of students’ prosocial skills and responsible behavior.  Most importantly, students will learn to take responsibility for their own behavior.


    Think Time:  In combination with the above, a discipline technique called “Think Time” will be used when any student exhibits a behavior that disrupts the classroom environment. The technique emphasizes the seriousness of education, respectfulness ofthe classroom environment, and the importance of students taking responsibilityfor their own behavior.  “Think Time” has two parts.  The first part is designed to allow students to focus and gain control by asking them to either sit off to the side or move to another classroom. The second part is designed to provide the student feedback about his/her inappropriate behavior and an opportunity to plan for future success in thec lassroom.  Parents will be notified when their child has been directed to “Think Time” four or more times within a school week.  Additionally, parents will be asked for assistance if problems persist or if a problem is unusually challenging.
    For a complete explanation of our Effective School Wide Positive Discipline Plan 
    open and read the following handbook....