Description:  Under the Code of Virginia, the Commonwealth Compulsory Attendance Law requires that students attend school regularly. Student attendance is vital in their academic success.  Maximum educational benefits occur for students only if they are regular in their attendance at school. Students are expected to accept the responsibility of being present at school.



    If a student is not attending school, it is the parent's responsibility to notify the school via phone call or email to walter.ae@augusta.k12.va.us. The telephone call or email will be noted. If notification is not received from a parent, the school is required by state law to call home or work.



    The student must have a written, signed note or email from their parent/guardian stating the day and specific reason for the absence. Absences from school and classes shall be considered excused for the following reasons:

    1. Personal illness or injury of the student. A physician's note may be required if absenteeism has become excessive.
    2. Court subpoena/summons for the student. (Prearranged with school officials)
    3. Death or serious illness in the family.
    4. Prearranged absences that have been approved by an administrator.
    5. Emergency/extenuating circumstances determined to be unavoidable by a principal. Direct communication with a principal is necessary.

    NOTE:  Policy 7.110 - Out of school suspension will be considered as excused absences for truancy purposes.



    Students will be permitted to make up work missed for the first three unexcused absences of each semester for credit. Students may NOT make up work missed during any unexcused absence beyond the first three of each semester for credit. We do, however, recommend that teachers provide all work missed and that students take responsibility for the work missed in that they will likely need to have a grasp of the material for future classroom and/or SOL tests. Zeros received as a result of excessive unexcused absences may include daily participation grades.

    Students who do not provide verifiable evidence of their reason for absence will be considered unexcused. Parents may submit their written note for absences via email to walter.ae@augusta.k12.va.us.