Description:  Under the Code of Virginia, the Commonwealth Compulsory Attendance Law requires that students attend school regularly. Student attendance is vital in their academic success.  Maximum educational benefits occur for students only if they are regular in their attendance at school. Students are expected to accept the responsibility of being present at school. Students may not attend after school events if they are absent from school, unless they are absent due to involvement with a school event. Any student absent a half of day or more, excused or unexcused, will be ineligible to participate in any school sponsored co/extra curricular activity that day.  When they must be absent they are expected to follow county and school procedures for communicating their absences. 



    If a student is not attending school, it is the parent's responsibility to notify the school via phone call or email to walter.ae@augusta.k12.va.us. The telephone call or email will be noted. If notification is not received from a parent, the school is required by state law to call home or work.


    The student must bring a signed and dated note from the parent/guardian or they may send an email (to walter.ae@augusta.k12.va.us), within 3 school days of the absence, stating the day and specific reason for absence.  Absences from school or classes shall be excused for the following reasons: 


    1. Personal illness or injury of the student.   A physician’s note may be required if absenteeism is excessive.  If you become sick while at school you must report to the nurse’s office where the nurse will assess and determine if your dismissal from school will be considered EXCUSED
    2. Court subpoena/summons for the student.  (Prearranged with school officials) 
    3. Death or serious illness in the family. 
    4. Pre-arranged absences that were approved by an administrator. 
    5. Emergency/extenuating circumstances determined to be unavoidable by the administration. (Direct communication with an administrator is required.) 


    Students with excused absences will be allowed to make up work for the daily participation grade.


    NOTE:  Policy 7.110 - Out of school suspension will be considered as excused absences for truancy purposes.


    Students whose reasons are not covered in Excused Absences will be considered unexcused. Students who do not provide verifiable evidence (e-mail notification or written note) of their reason for absence, within three (3) days of returning to school, will be considered unexcused. Out-of-school suspensions will be considered excused absences.

    Parents may submit their written note for absences via email to walter.ae@augusta.k12.va.us.



    Immediately after arriving at school following one or more days of absence, each student must complete the following tasks: 


    1. Bring note or email (to walter.ae@augusta.k12.va.us) from parent/guardian and/or doctor confirming the date(s) and reason for the absence. 
    2. Take the note to the front office before school begins.  Students forgetting their note on the first day back must still report to the office.  This will grant the student another day to bring appropriate documentation and get the absence excused.  


    Any student who does not provide an email or bring a note or physician’s report to the office will receive an unexcused absence for the day missed.  The reason for the absence must meet the criteria listed below in order to be considered an excused absence.  Bringing a note may not guarantee an excused absence.



    Permission for an early dismissal will be issued by the office to a student who presents a legitimate written request from parent or guardian at the start of the school day. Administrative discretion will be used on any notes not presented to the attendance secretary first thing in the morning. The practice of dismissing students early is discouraged because school attendance is important. The student must be properly signed out in the office for all early dismissals. Unless in extenuating circumstances approved by administration parents/guardians must come in to the office to sign their child out.


    Students arriving after the start of first period must report directly to the main office and sign in. Tardies will be marked EXCUSED or UNEXCUSED on the same basis as absences and recorded in Infinite Campus. All students must have a note signed by their parents, giving the date and specific reason why they were late. Patterns of unexcused tardies will result in disciplinary action. Patterns of tardiness may result in a student being required to provide third party documentation in order for us to excuse them.


    A student who must be absent from school for reasons other than illness, death in family, court appearance, school sponsored trip, or extreme emergency must make arrangements with the school 24 hours prior to the desired date. Except in an emergency situation, a note or telephone call from a parent or guardian on the desired day does not meet the criteria for a prearranged absence. These absences are for students with good academic standing, and good attendance and may not be recommended by the principal for those students not meeting these criteria. Family trips, college visits, job interview, funeral of non-family member, etc. are examples of absences that need to be prearranged. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain a "Prearranged Absences Form" from the office and get approval prior to the absence. If this is not done, the absence is considered unexcused. Documentation will be kept in the office to verify a prearranged absence. 


    Please note:  Students are required to be in school attendance, for at least half of the day, in order to participate in school sponsored co/extracurricular activities (Regulation 7.130)



    Excessive absenteeism is defined as absence from school or a particular class which establishes a predictable pattern or approximately averages one or more absences per week (whether excused or unexcused). If assistance is needed to resolve the student's problem, the teacher will refer the student to the principal or the guidance counselor.

    Students absent more than 10 days per semester may be required to provide doctor’s notes or other official documentation in order to excuse any additional absences. Any student who accumulates 5 or more unexcused absences may be required to meet with an administrator to discuss attendance and set up an attendance improvement plan. If the pattern of unexcused absences continues, he/she may be taken to court



    The student is responsible for contacting the teacher to obtain make-up assignments (excused and unexcused absences). Unless special provisions are made with the teacher, principal, and/or his designee, all work must be made up within a period of three school days once a student returns to school. Failure to make up daily work within the three-day period may result in a grade of "F/0" for those specific assignments.  In the case of extended absences, the make-up time may be extended.

    Failure to make up daily work within the agreed upon period will result in a grade of "F/O" for those specific assignments. If the student fails to make up major work, such as a term paper or research project, the teacher may assign an "I". This situation is referred to the principal for review. 

    Teachers may expect students to make up a test on the first day back from an absence if the test was assigned prior to the absence and no material on the test was covered during the absence. In the case of extended absences, the make-up time may be extended. 

    Early dismissals and late arrivals are to be considered as absences in regard to work missed and will be treated under the same guidelines as day-long absences. Except in emergency situations, all classroom assignments due on the date of the early dismissal or late arrival must be turned in to the appropriate teacher(s) before leaving school. This policy also applies to work due on days when the student is in attendance at school but not in class due to field trips, club activities, etc.