(mostly.....) Everything You Need To Know About Second Grade

  • “Learning is an Adventure…..The Journey Starts Here”

    2020-2021 RES School Year


    (Mostly……) Everything You Need To Know About Second Grade!


    Students will have a red communication folder that will come home with 2 sections; “Keep At Home” and “Return To School”.  Please check this folder every day! The newsletter for that week should remain in the front pocket of the folder for that entire week. (Team A Week = Tuesday-Thursday , Team B Week = Wednesday -Friday)  Any money, notes, or changes in schedules should be sent to school in their red communication folders.



    Adventurers will be required to complete at-home learning on the days he/she is not in the classroom.  Please read 15 - 20 minutes each night in addition to the at-home assignments. All At-Home assignments will be written on the weekly newsletter.



    90 – 100: A Mastered and/or achieved beyond the standard of the subject

    80 – 89:   B Mastered the standards of the subject

    70 – 79 :  C Met the minimum standards of the subject

    60 - 69:    D Made progress, partially met the minimum standards

    Below 60: F Did not meet the minimum standards



    Students will have the opportunity to have 2 snacks brought from home each day (one for morning and one for afternoon).  Teachers do NOT provide snacks.  

    Ice cream will be sold for birthday celebrations only. 


    Breakfast and Lunch are free for all students! Students will be eating in the classroom.  They will have a choice of a hot lunch, cold lunch (PB&J), or they can pack.  Breakfast and lunch will be delivered to the classroom each day.


    Newsletters and Information

    The Riverheads Elementary Newsletter contains a lot of important information and dates that parents need to know.  The newsletter will be sent home and is also available on the school’s website.  

    Please check the Riverheads Elementary Website for updates and information.



    Water Bottles 

    Students may bring their own water bottles to school to keep at their desks.  Please make sure it only contains water and has a no spill top.  There will be designated water stations for refilling the water bottles if necessary.



    Please make sure to connect with your child’s teacher on DOJO.  This will be the best way to stay informed and in touch with your child’s teacher.  This will be the main form of communication used by RES teachers.



    The students will go to the gym for PE and to the Music and STEM classrooms.

    The students will stay in the classroom for Art, Guidance, and Library.  Mrs. Heisel has a system that will allow students to check out books from the library.

    (WRE is to be determined)



    Please make sure your child and your child’s teacher knows his/her transportation plans. Please notify the office or your child’s teacher if this plan changes.


    Please join us in helping make this an amazing journey for your child!