• Technology Education Department

    Bufffalo Gap High School 

     The Technology Education Program provides experiences that lead to the development of technologically literate students. Students take courses to prepare them for technical or professional programs of higher learning which includes trade schools, community colleges, colleges and universities. Consistant with their abilities, interests and educational needs, students completing technology education classes will achieve the following:
    •  Comprehend the dynamics of technology, including its development, impact, and potential
    • Employ the technological processes of problem solving, creating and designing
    • Analyze the behavior of technological systems and subsystems including the tools, materials, processes, energy, time, information, and people involved in systems.
    • Apply scientific principles, engineering concepts, and technological systems in the processes of technology.
    • Discover and develop personal interests and abilities related to a wide variety of technology oriented careers.
    Courses offered :
    Classes for Grades  9-12
    Technology Foundation
    Tehnology Transfer
    Materials and Processes 
    Classes for Juniors and Seniors 
    Technical Drawing and Design
    Architectural Drawing 
    Engineering Drawing
     Engineering Exploration
    Blue Ridge Community College Dual Enrollment Computer Aided DraftingClasses 
    Grades 11-12  ( Grade 10 with permission and special approval )
    Basic Technical Drawing and Architectural Drawing (3 college credits each - 6 credits total ) 1 Semester
    Engineering Drawing I and Engineering Drawing II ( 3 college credits each - 6 credits total ) 1 Semester
    Student who complete both semesters are eligble to recieve a Career Studies Certificate from Blue Ridge Community College