GRASP - Great Aspirations Scholarship Program
    Representative: Mr. Bob Norvell
    Email: riverheads@grasp4virginia.com
    Phone: 337-1921
    The GRASP program began at Riverheads in the 2011-2012 school year as a program to assist students and their parents in the scholarship and financial aid process.  Mr. Norvell has already met with many of the seniors who have expressed an interest in continuing their education. 
    Mr. Novell is at Riverheads on Mondays during the regular school day.
    Please make appointments by signing up the Counseling Office or by emailing him at:
    Students who meet with Mr. Novell are also eligible to compete in the GRASP scholarship program which is a scholarship that goes to a Riverheads senior(s).
    Last year 3 RHS seniors received a $500 GRASP scholarship (the number of students receiving a GRASP scholarship varies according to the funds the program is able to raise each year.)
    For more information please visit the GRASP website: