• Welcome to Mrs. Herr's
    Mrs. Herr's Schedule of Classes
    1st Semester
    1st Block: AP Art & Design
    2nd Block: Art 3
    3rd Block: NTA
    4th Block: Art 2
    2nd Semester
    1st Block: Art 3 & Advanced Ceramics
    2nd Block:AP Art & Design, Art 4, & Advanced Ceramics
    3rd Block:Ceramics
    4th Block: NTA/AP Art & Design
    Other Responsibilities:
    Sophomore Class Sponsor
    National Art Honor Society Sponsor
    Gifted and Talented Co-Chair   
    To contact Mrs. Herr, please call 540-245-5050 or email jherr@augusta.k12.va.us 
    Art Class Sequencing:
    course sequencing