The Bobcat Tales

  • The Bobcat Tales

    Newsletter of Guy K. Stump Elementary School

    January 23, 2015

    Principal's Corner

        The parent pick-up procedure at the back of the school seems to be working well. Now that it matches the morning drop-off procedure it works better for everyone. Remember, drop-off is in the back. The front is used only for preschool children, and parents who are walking their child into the building. Some tips to help the processes are: please pull all the way around the   circle to drop off or pick up a student. This allows us to serve seven cars at a time, thereby speeding up the process.. If you must get out of your vehicle to assist your child, please pull around to the parking spots just beyond the circle. There you can pull in and not hold up other traffic. Finally, please be on time, especially in the afternoon. We do not have staff available to supervise children after 3:15. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and support!

    P.T.A. News

          After a good first semester, the PTA is continuing to provide service to our school. They recently hired our Artist in Residence for the second semester. We welcome Mr. Zach Dishman as our new art teacher. Mr. Dishman brings great talent and experiences to our program, and we look forward to a great semester of art instruction.

         Beginning February 2 the PTA will sponsor a Joe Corbi     Frozen Food fundraiser. You will be able to order your favorite Joe Corbi items, for pick-up later in the month.

         Also, the First Grade Musical Program will be held on Feb.17. We will again auction off a student project from each classroom. We appreciate your support of the PTA!

    News from Kindergarten

    We had some exciting times in Kindergarten within the last six weeks.  On a clear sunny day in mid-December, we decorated cookies and spread holiday cheer by going caroling and giving the cookies to the people in our local community.  We had a Polar    Express Day in which everyone dressed in their pajamas and     participated in various math and reading activities, including     sequencing the Polar Express story, sorting bells by sizes and   colors, putting trains in alphabetical and numerical order, and    using our five senses while drinking hot chocolate.  We also     covered: needs and wants, our five senses, winter, the different states of matter and numbers 1-20.  Some of the things parents can help at home for the upcoming weeks include helping your child write his or her last name, counting to 100 by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s, and having your child practice retelling stories by identifying the beginning, middle and the end. We are looking forward to more fun activities planned in the coming weeks.

    First Grade News

    As we begin 2015, there are lots of exciting things happening in 1st grade!  We have just finished our PALS testing which has allowed us to see the incredible growth that all of our students have made so far in reading this year.  Wow!  We are so proud of them!  It will be exciting to see how much more they can grow before the end of the year!

    We are in the process of gearing up for our 1st grade music program.  This will be Tuesday February 17, and is entitled How Does Your Garden Grow?  Please make sure your child is practicing the songs at home!  We are excited to see them show off what they can do!

    Second Grade News

         Winter has arrived and what a chilly start! With the cold weather, please remember to dress your child for the weather.  We do try to get outside for recess every day if possible. 

         We are wrapping up our Mid Year Assessments as well as units on Double Digit Addition and Subtraction with Rounding and Habitats.  Please encourage your child to talk about what he/she has learned and even demonstrate learned skills.  Practice will help them retain and build upon these skills.  Our upcoming units include Famous Americans, Measurement and Economics. 

         In Daily 5 reading, we continue to practice word study strategies, sight words, fluency, and comprehension skills.  Please have your child practice reading with expression and question them about what has been read throughout.  Thank you for all your support and investment in your child’s education! 

     Third Grade News

         Third grade has had a very exciting and festive third six-weeks. We wanted to thank the parents again for the goodies they brought in, for those who were able to volunteer with our gingerbread making, and for their support of our busy holiday schedule in third grade! It was definitely a whirlwind of fun!

    We have been busy in all academic areas these past six-weeks. In science, Mrs. Hicklin taught a unit on matter and will soon begin a unit on simple machines. In social studies, Mrs. Smith continues to teach the students about ancient Greece. When that comes to an end, the students will learn about ancient Rome. It really is fascinating to learn about these ancient cultures and how they relate to the world we live in!  In language arts, Mrs. Norman has been working

    with the students on creative writing. We are putting much emphasis on taking the time to spell sight words and spelling words correctly, as well as using correct capitalization and punctuation.

    Money and time were the highlights in math these past six-weeks. We are now moving on to graphing and probability.   Multiplication and division facts will also be taught. We wanted to remind the parents that it is very important for their children to be practicing their multiplication facts daily at home. Snow days even make nice study days, too!  So, practice, practice, practice! 

    It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through the year. We have had a blast so far! We are looking forward to the fourth six-weeks and all the fun that will entail. Thank you again for your continued support!