World History II

Updates On World History II (2nd and 3rd Block -2020)

  • Update 4/7/2020


    Module 1 Up and Running ....

    Hey everybody, our first learning module is up and going. This is going to cover the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression.

    This Module (on Google Classroom) includes...

    1) Slideshow w/ Questions 2) EdPuzzle 3) Actively Learn

    Remember - As you are working through this material, try your best! If you have any questions please send me an email or message through Classroom.

    Hope everyone is doing well!


    Classroom Updates! 4/4/2020

    Hello Everybody! I hope everyone is doing well! I have received some updates on how we are going to proceed moving forward with the rest of the semester.

    Each Week Mr. Deem and I will be working on what we call "Learning Modules" which are intended to provide some insight / details / and enrichment to some of the big topics we didn't get a chance to explore. These assignments will be posted during the start of each week and have a suggested timeline of finishing towards the end of the week. These modules are not for a grade but we will provide feedback.

    We will have our first module posted by Tuesday (4/7) morning (possible Monday afternoon).

    If you have any questions please send me an email or message me through Google Classroom.

    I know this is a lot different than normal but we're going to try our best! We Got This!


    UPDATE ON ASSINGMENTS March 16th - 20th


    Hello Everybody!

    Quick Update on Assignments - I have gone a little to far ahead for this week and need to take a step back. So if you have not been able to complete these assignments or have not started, have no fear. We'll put those on the back burner for now.

    The one thing I would like for you to continue working on/ reviewing is the... World War One Gallery Walk (which has already been posted on Google Classroom). This is optional and not graded, but will help you review.

    Once I get an update on were we are next week, I'll let you know our next step.

    Remember - The big thing right now is to stay safe and be careful. We Got This!



    For 2nd and 3rd Block (World History II) I Will Be Posting My Online Assignments on Google Classroom - Please Be Sure to Check 


    This is my To Do List for this Week (March 16th - 20th) 


    Online Assignments - March 16 - 20

    This is a List of Activities We'll Be Working On This Week

    EdPuzzle - Treaty of Versailles (Part I and II) - Be Sure to Watch Them in Order

    EdPuzzle - Great Depression

    Treaty of Versailles / Mandates / Great Depression / Dictator - Vocab + Images (Mr. Deem Will Be Posting This Today 3-17)

    Don't Forget - Actively Learn and Current Event #11

    Keep In Mind - These Assignments Do Not Have a Due Date. Try Your Best to Keep Up With Them. We Got This!