• Math
    Mrs. Dietz
    Wilson Memorial High School
    JV Girls Soccer 
    Geometry Class Canvas Access: Click Here
    1st Semester Schedule:
      1st: Planning
      2nd: Success Academy AFDA
      3rd: Geometry Part 1
      4th: Geometry Part 1
    2nd Semester Schedule:
       1st: AFDA
       2nd: Success Academy AFDA
       3rd: Planning
       4th: AFDA
    Due to school closure, I am posting work below temporarily. If school closing are to be continued, please look for an email invitation to Canvas for class material.
    Success Academy: As we are currently studying probability, please play a board game, card game, or game of chance 2-3 times this week. At some point, calculate the probability of a certain probability of something happening for the game. I.E- Monopoly: rolling doubles of any number. Two dice means 6 options for the first and 6 options for the second. Fundamental Counting Principle says 6*6=36 total options. There are 6 different numbers you can roll doubles with, so the total possibilities is 6:36. You can also complete problems on iXL. 
    Semester AFDA: The following website has games dealing with exponential growth and decay. I recommend attempting to play 2-3 times a week.
    Students should have a 3-ring binder, paper, and pencils for class. A scientific calculator may be helpful at home but not required.
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at dietz.cr@augusta.k12.va.us