Fort Defiance High School


    “The Indian Way”


    2017-2018 Goals


    To maintain an attendance rate at 96% and to achieve a 96% graduation rate for the freshman class that entered in 2014.


    • Continue the adult/peer mentor program; FD Pride.
    • Utilize data from elementary and middle school to identify the highest potential students.
    • Continue the JMU Ambassadors program for 9th and 10th graders.
    • Create opportunity for teachers to communicate regularly regarding the highest potential students in departments and across curriculum.
    • Communication between administration, guidance, and teachers regarding ¨at-risk¨ students and truancy issues.
    • Be creative with student’s schedules.
    • Create additional incentives for students to attend school daily and to stay in school.
    • Develop a welcome packet for new students, including a welcome gift, club brochure, contact information as part of the orientation process.


    To increase or to maintain SOL scores in all content areas that are above the county and state averages.


    • Teachers will emphasize content vocabulary and continue the tier 2, ExC-ELL “Word of the Week”.
    • Teachers will utilize instructional tools, such as Actively Learn and Newsela to encourage students to engage/interact with reading assignments.
    • Administrators and teachers will create data driven S.M.A.R.T. Goals utilizing the Interactive Achievement Student Growth Assessment.
    • Explore and implement creative scheduling opportunities to provide additional in school  time for high potential students to receive academic reinforcement and remediation.
    • Work as a department to analyze, through data collection, best teaching practices; best assessment practices, pacing adjustments, and course syllabi revisions.
    • Protect instructional time by limiting out of class assemblies, class meetings, and soft-skill videos.
    • Teachers will emphasize quality over quantity in student products by defining clear expectations and striving towards excellence to which students can work towards.
    • Monitor progress of students and discuss monthly at department meetings.
    • Utilize the Reading Specialist and Special Education teachers to pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses.
    • Teachers post daily specific SOL competencies and objectives being taught.
    • Explore the opportunity for splitting the English Reading and Writing SOLs over the 10th and 11th grade years.


    To increase student participation in at least one activity outside of the classroom to 100%, and teacher participation and involvement outside the classroom to 100%.



    • Arrange competitions/entertainment during outside of school events.
    • Offer discount tickets for theme nights.
    • Promote events in front halls, Fort T.V., calls home.
    • Organize class nights.
    • Survey students to explore new club opportunities.
    • Highlight clubs during lunch.
    • Re-institute the Indian Award for School Spirit (Student & Teacher)
    • Offer the club fair to students, making the first day a ¨try a new club day.¨


    • All teachers will attend at least one event each nine weeks.
    • Continue to offer staff social events.
    • Continue to involve Teachers in Pep Rallies.
    • Promote and involve teachers in extracurricular activities and athletic events.


    To increase the use of technology as an integral part of best teaching practices so that every Fort teacher is incorporating technology.


    • Continue to update and to replace Chrome books that will lead to a 1 to 1 initiative.
    • Continue to improve the usage of technology in the classroom through improved Wifi infrastructure, safe-search filters, and allowing more student access.
    • Provide more training to raise teachers’ and students´ comfort levels with Chromebooks and personal devices.
    • Utilize staff development time for training and for faculty showcases.
    • Plan parent information and training opportunities to increase awareness of technology use in the home.
    • Incorporate basic technology skills and training to help students and parents better use available technology as part of ¨soft skills” development.
    • Research available grants that utilize ¨green energy¨ production methods (solar and wind) and emerging technologies.


    To continue to educate 100% of Fort students to what soft skills are and how those skills lead to success in high school and beyond.


    • Continue to identify, inform, and educate all students about the Soft Skill of the Month in classes and school wide. (time management, cooperative interactions, presentation skills, etc.)
    • Daily announcements
    • Fort TV
    • Enrichment programs
    • Posted in all classrooms.
    • Career Coach Presentations in class and large group settings.
    • Expanded partnership with community businesses and leaders..
    • Soft Skills emphasized as part of bell work, guided and independent practice, when feasible.
    • Class and club initiatives that allow students to model soft skills to peers.
    • Mock interview opportunities for juniors and seniors.
    • Organize class and large/group presentations by area business leaders on the importance of soft skills in the workplace.

    To continue to expose and raise awareness levels of 100% of Fort students related to career opportunities that most closely align with their strengths and interests.


    • Career Coach and Fort Guidance Counselors explore ways to reach out to SMS staff and students.
    • Career Interest Inventory administered in grade 7 and again in grades 9 and 11.
    • Increase business shadowing, mentorship, E.F.E., Ag Co-Op, opportunities.
    • Expand number of field trips to colleges and businesses.
    • Expand upon career plans for students starting in grade 7 based on the Career Interest Inventory, student and parent input.
    • Continue with Reality Town for juniors every year.
    • Promote having more students attend V.C.T.C. and other vocational certification programs.
Last Modified on March 1, 2018