Portal Instructions/Information

  • Please read sections below to find the instructions that are most applicable to your situation:


    1 - If you have already signed up for Infinite Campus Parent Portal but have forgotten your password:

    *Try the "forgot password" option. If you completed the security questions when creating your account you should be able to retrieve this information.

    *If you are not able to access your password that way, please call Riverheads and we will make contact to have your password reset.


    2 - If you have NEVER created or signed up for Infinite Campus Parent Portal:

    *Please visit www.augusta.k12.va.us (Augusta County School's homepage) and click the green oval that says ONLINE REGISTRATION.

    *Click the green square that says EXISTING FAMILIES.

    *Click on the green square that says STUDENT/PARENT PORTAL (click on the green square that says ACTIVATE PORTAL for more information regarding Portal). 

    *Under the sign in there is an orange rectangle that says HELP, please click there and choose the otpion that says IF YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED A CAMPUS PORTAL ACTIVATION KEY, CLICK HERE. This is where you will enter the Activation Key that has either been emailed to you or given to you by calling Riverheads' High School Counseling Dept. 


    Please call the Riverheads Counseling Dept with any additional questions or concerns regarding the set up of your parent portal account. Please note that we will continue to ask that all families create their account and complete the "Annual Update" prior to receiving scheduling information for the school year.