• Hugh K. Cassell Elementary- Gifted and Talented Program

     Students may be identified as Gifted and Talented in one or more of the areas of Specific Academic Aptitude (Math, Science, Language Arts), Music, Art or Theater.  Referrals are made to the school Gifted and Talented Coordinator.  Parental permission to evaluate the student's eligibility will be obtained, and parents will be notified of the results of their child's testing. Students with Specific Academic Aptitude are served in the regular classroom with differentiated instruction by the classroom teacher.

    Special activities are provided from time to time during the school year for students who are gifted in art, music, drama, and specific academic aptitude. See  information below.

    Field Trips

    *  SVGS Outreach Program: The Gifted and Talented Academic, Art, and Theater students will take two field trips to the Shenandoah Valley Regional Governor's School.  The field trips will provide activities for students in 4th and 5th grade.


    Themes: Graphic design, Digital Stories and imaging, theatrical techniques and more


    Theme : Physics, Chemistry, Energy and more

    Ongoing and Past Events:

    Book Club- Weekly meetings for Gifted and Talented students to do activities such as blogging and book reviews.

    24 Math Challenge for students to learn and compete in competition showcasing math skills.

    Spring theater program offered each year with direction, instruction and assistance from Hugh K. Cassell’s own teachers.

    Numerous programs and performances brought to the school from Theater Four, Virginia Opera, and Bureau of Lectures including Chinese Acrobats, Stuart Little and Princess and the Pea.

    Art Workshops offered by Art Teacher to students identified as gifted and talented in art. Classes held during planning periods for students to investigate and produce more involved art projects.

    Lego Robotics class offered bi-annually to students identified in a specific aptitude area. 

    Science Lectures on various topics offered after school from collegiate level instructors.

    And many more….. For more information contact school at 540-946-7635 and ask for Gifted and Talented Coordinator.