• Ms. Kristina Gooden

    English 9 & 11

    Email: gooden.km@augusta.k12.va.us 

    With our extended time off, please refer to Google Classroom for all activities and assignments. Please e-mail me if you have any issues accessing Classroom or the materials provided there.

    If you need encouragment in this time of uncertainty to help avoid the tempation to avoid school and just play video games or binge Netflix, please take a moment to think about Anne Frank's family. Anne's father made sure that she and Margot kept up with their studies even while they were in hiding. It gave them something to do, something to keep their minds sharp, something to work towards.

    As your teacher, and someone who cares deeply about your well-being, I will be providing you with simple daily/weekly lessons, just like Otto did. I won't know if you are doing them. I won't know if you even have the time or the ability to do them. But I trust in you enough to believe that those of you who can, will choose to do something productive with your days and you will try to keep up with your learning during a time when you could definitely just do nothing.

    If people keep doing the right thing even when no one is forcing them, we will all be okay. 

    Stay Humble; Work Hard; Be Kind

    2019-20 First Semester Schedule

    1st Block: English 9 Composition

    2nd Block: English 11A

    3rd Block: English 11A

    4th Block: Planning


    2019-20 Second Semester Schedule

    1st Block: English 9 Composition

    2nd Block: English 11A

    3rd Block: English 11A

    4th Block: Planning


    School Information:

    Wilson Memorial High School

    189 Hornet Rd.

    Fishersville, VA 22939

    Phone: 540.886.4286

    Fax: 540.886.4611