• Dear Parents:

    I'm Eric Spath, Physical Education Teacher at Clymore. I'm looking forward to seeing your children and helping them learn skills, games, and activities to develop their physical fitness. My main objective in helping your child is to give them activities they can enjoy, and by this appreciate being active in their life.

    Our program will consist of many activities designed to develop motor skills, body awareness and coordination. This simply means that we're going to show and teach your child how to perform movements in a game or activity. We will also be doing a lot of physical fitness activities as well. 

    Skills will not be graded, but your child will be graded for effort, attitude and participation. The classroom teacher will have the primary responsibility for assigning marks to the report cards.

    To help your child's success in the physical education program, your help in having your child prepared are greatly appreciated. Students need to be dressed in comfortable, suitable clothing for physical activity. Tennis shoes or sneakers are required. The simplest solution to making sure your child is prepared is to bring an extra pair the first day to put in their classroom cubbies. That way they'll have a pair even when they're dressing up that day. This makes it easier on them that they already are set for P.E. 

    Any time your child needs to be excused from physical education due to an illness or injury, please send a note with the child to school. Any prolonged injury needs to be excused with a Doctor's note.

    Finally, in order to provide the best instruction for your child, please let myself or the school nurse know of any physical limitations that would require an adaptation for your child. It will help me find an activity that suits them for each session they attend.


    Thank you very much and I hope your child has a great year with us!


    Eric Spath

    PE Specialist