• Exciting New Course!

    This exciting, high-demand, course seeks to attract students who love making things and have a keen interest in experiencing how designing, modeling, fabricating, and programming intersect with applied theory in the manufacture of things. 

    Established to meet the technical workforce demands of local area manufacturers this rigorous course will challenge students in key skill areas critical to their success as future industrial athletes and leaders. This includes study in the following core areas:

    1. Design Process
    2. Technical Sketching & Drawing
    3. Measurement & Statistics
    4. Modelling Skills, Geometry of Design, and Advanced Computer Modelling
    5. Reverse Engineering
    6. Manufacturing Principles and Safety
    7. Manufacturing Processes & Production
    8. Automation & Maintenance Awareness
    9. Integration & Application of Computer Integrated Manufacturing



What is CIM?

What's Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and how can it get students involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math? (STEM) How does CIM help teach STEM? Skip to 5:05 in the video to see some examples in the sciences including chemistry & physics and math including geometry, trigonometry, and statistics.