team photo with arrow      Welcome to 7th Grade!  


    I am Mrs. Ruggerio (See the yellow arrow above.  This photo was taken before the Aug. 13, mask update.).  I'll be teaching English 7 this year, which is a combination of reading and writing instruction.  Some of you may recall that I taught Reading 8 last year.  I have been teaching for over twenty years, so it is possible that I've taught some of your parents or older siblings.  Most of my teaching years were at the sixth-grade level.  As a sixth grade teacher, I've taught English, U.S. History, and science.  I love learning new things.  I like to think that my experience in other content areas helps me be a better teacher all around. 

    Our educational environment has changed over these past few months, but my personal goal for you remains the same.  I want you to enjoy learning as much as I do.  The subjects we like may be different.  The manner in which we learn may be different.  Again, my goal for you is to enjoy the process of learning.  This doesn't mean that things will always be easy.  It does mean, by working together, that you continue trying and moving forward in your learning.  I am looking forward to meeting each one of you and begin our journey of learning together. 


    :) Mrs. Ruggerio




    To view our English 7 syllabus, click on the two links below. 

    syllabus page 1

    syllabus page 2 


    To view the book titles that are currently available in our classroom library, click on this libib link. - https://www.libib.com/library/home