• Augusta County Public Schools Mentorship Program



    Mentorship is an exciting opportunity to...

        *work with a local mentor and "try out" an occupation in a career field of interest

         *learn the technical and soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace

         *develop self confience and acquire leadership skills

         *make valuable connections in the work world

        *discover if the career choice you've made is the right one to help make well informed choices for post secondary education/training


    Who is eligible:

    Mentorship is a competitive program and is open to highly motivated seniors from all Augusta County Public Schools. Submission of an application does not guarantee admission into the program. Enrollment is based upon attendance, academic performance, interview, good standing with the school and availability of an appropriate placement.


    How it works:

    During the spring and summer the mentorship coordinator (Lisa Floyd) works with admitted students to secure a placement (unpaid) with a mentor in a career field of interest and will complete all paperwork and training. During the scheduled semester, the student will report directly to the mentorship during the regular school day (this will typically take up two blocks in a student's schedule). The student is responsible for keeping a written journal in regards to their experiences, major tasks and the number of hours worked. The student is evaluated by the mentor and the mentorship coordinator. Grades are assigned according to their evaluations. Meetings with the mentorship coordinator occur 2-3 times during the semester or placement. Attendance is required. The student is expected to give a formal presentation at the conclusion of their mentorship to summarize their experience.



    The student will select their interest in a mentorship during their registration meetings with their counselor in the fall. The counselor will then provide information in regards to accessing the new online application.  All applications are to be completed by the deadline of February 1st! The mentorship coordinator will interview the applicants and review applications. The student will then recieve a letter notifying him/her of their enrollment status. 

    It should be noted that all mentorship placements are based on the ability to secure a mentorship location. Unfortunately sometimes a student can be admitted to the program and a location cannot be determined.


    If you have additional questions, please speak with your counselor or the mentorship coordinator (Lisa Floyd, floyd.lm@augusta.k12.va.us).


    2018-2019 Mentorship Application