• Welcome to Ms. Bergan’s website.


    Best way to contact me is by email - bergan.jm@augusta.k12.va.us

    My schedule:

    1st Block - AFDA

    2nd Block - Algebra II - Part 1

    3rd Block - Algebra II - Part 1

    4th Block - Anaylsis (Pre-calculus)

    Homeroom - Junior Last name beginning with CRA and ending with FOR

    A little bit about my philosophy:

    Algebra II has always been one of my favorite classes. I hope to positively influence their math experience and encourage all of them to pursue the continuation of their math education. I am a supporter of promoting a positive mindset for all students. As a teacher, I believe that all of my students are capable of achieving great things and improving their skills each and every day. As a teacher, my goal is to mold and modify my teaching to the needs and strengths of the students. When planning my lessons I work to provide examples and material that students can feel a connection with. As students feel a connection with the material they will be more motivated to continue learning.

    Mission Statement:

    “My mission as a teacher is to motivate, inspire, encourage, and support my students, in a safe, secure, and positive environment to educate them cognitively and socially as to build a foundation for life-long success and learning.”


    Value Statements

    • I value a curious and questioning mind that is willing to learn. I believe that everyone can learn core math skills.
    • I value continuous effort through failure.
    • I value diversity and inclusion because it brings various perspectives to the classroom.
    • I value positivity in my classroom.
    • I value communication and collaboration.
    • I value respect. I strive to treat all people with dignity and open-mindedness.