When a student takes an SOL Test, there will be no end-of-course examination. When a student does not take an SOL Test, an appropriate end-of-course examination will be taken. Students may be exempt from the end-of-course examination by meeting the attendance requirement (no more than ten absences in a yearlong course and five for a semester course) AND achieving a final average of 90 or above. In the case of all exam exemptions, an exam grade of “No Mark” will be entered. The final course grade will be computed by averaging the numeric grades from each grading period. The following exceptions to this policy will apply: 

    1. Students enrolled in yearlong courses and Advanced Placement courses will be required to take the first semester end-of-course examination. 
    2. Students enrolled in dual enrollment classes and Regional Governor’s School will be required to take final assessments in these courses. 
    3. While excused and unexcused absences will be considered in the total number of absences, absences due to school-related activities and field trips will not be considered. 
    4. Students who have earned an exemption in a course have the opportunity to take the exam to improve their final grades without risk of lowering the grade. 
    5. Principals have the discretion to make exceptions to the exam exemption guidelines based on extenuating circumstances related to attendance.